Future Skills Project

There is a major disconnect between the skills of post-secondary graduates and the technical skills required by employers in tech.

With our support, Ryerson University was awarded the Government of Canada’s Future Skills Centre (FSC) in February 2019. FSC will be tasked with disseminating $365 million in funding over six years. TECHNATION is uniquely poised to play a key role at the Centre and help support the Centre’s mandate.

The Future Skills Centre will invest $1.24M in a two-year skills badging project led by TECHNATION, which explores new approaches to defining digital competencies and creating new pathway opportunities into digital roles for non-STEM graduates, internationally educated professionals, and high potential workers without traditional credentials.

We were also named a key supporting partner with the Diversity Institute for the ORF-RE Bridging the Technology Skills Gap project. This project will examine the ICT skills gap, and the challenges facing women, immigrants, persons with disabilities, and Indigenous people in the ICT sector, to develop innovative policies, practices, and technologies, and to expand the talent pool and advance inclusion.