With every challenge comes opportunity. Canada’s technology sector stands ready and able to help governments and businesses tackle challenges created by the pandemic and the pandemic-recession, and to step boldly into the ‘new normal’ where Canada can thrive through tech adoption.

Before the pandemic, many suggested the world was entering a fourth industrial revolution, marked by new technologies that are reshaping businesses, governments, and the very organization of the global economy.

During the pandemic, the incentive for adopting new technology increased dramatically. Businesses in every sector sought countless, innovative new ways of getting work done and serving customers. Governments were confronted almost overnight with massive new challenges that persist today. And Canadians, largely confined to their homes, looked to technology to work, shop, and stay connected with loved ones remotely.

After the pandemic, governments and businesses will turn their focus to addressing challenges beyond today’s immediate health crisis – adjusting to the new normal, to ensure our governments and businesses are better prepared and more resilient for the future.

In every area, new, emerging, and leading-edge technology solutions can help. By adopting innovative tech solutions, the challenges created by the pandemic can be leveraged into opportunities to strengthen public services, build a more resilient and competitive national economy, and ensure that Canada’s world-leading IT sector grows and re-emerges as a global leader, creating the jobs and opportunities of tomorrow.

Key Messages:

How Government Can Help:

Re-think ‘Stimulus’ and Strategic Investments – ‘Virtual Shovel-Ready’ Projects can have a transformative impact for businesses and local economies.

Make future IT workforce development a top national priority – while the technology sector is poised to create many more high-quality jobs for Canadians, the ability for Canadian businesses – especially our SMEs – to fill those jobs will be a major challenge in a competitive national and global economy.

Adopt technology – The public sector is able to move markets as the largest purchaser of IT goods and services in Canada, and governments have many challenges and opportunities ahead as they adjust to the ‘new normal’. By taking a challenge-based, market-driven, collaborative, non-prescriptive approach to IT procurement the tech sector can provide solutions.

Provide incentives to support technology adoption across the economy – Canada’s tech firms are ready to help meet the challenges and opportunities of businesses across all sectors.

Confirmed Meetings:

Christina Tapley, Deputy Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, and Refugees Canada (IRCC)

Zaina Sovani, Assitant Deputy Minister and Chief Information Officer, IRCC

Martin St-Yves, Assistant Chief Statistician, Digital Solutions Field and Chief Information Officer, Statistics Canada (StatCan)

André Loranger, Assistant Chief Statistician of Analytical Studies, Methodology and Statistical Infrastructure Field (StatCan)

Robert McLellan, Chief Technology Officer (StatCan)

Luc Gagnon, Chief Technology Officer, Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)

Scott McKenna, Chief Information Officer, PHAC/Health Canada Thao Pham, Deputy Secretary to Cabinet, Operations, Privy Council Office

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