Supply chains are attractive targets for cybercriminals because of the mutual dependencies they create across multiple companies and the domino effect of a successful attack. A recent Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) report reveals a 42% increase in supply chain attacks in Q1/21 over Q4/20. Your organization needs to assess and address the cybersecurity risks before it’s too late.

Join us for a special one-hour discussion: an all-star panel of experts, featuring guest speakers from Supply Chain Canada and Cronos Group, will share real-life experiences and provide practical insights on evolving trends in Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC). A 30-minute Q&A will follow the panel discussion.

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Topics we will cover:
• Identity deception and its many forms (e.g., BEC, EAC, etc.)
• Real-world supply chain email fraud examples
• Examples of recent attacks and lures, and how attackers leverage behavioural science to bypass security training
• Evolving trends in threat actor capability, techniques and efficacy, and their laser focus on the user to massively increase user click rates
• How can organizations secure themselves against supply chain disruptions?
• Grading risk in your suppliers
• The #1 tactic you can employ to minimize your risk when it comes to supply chain disruptions


Event Details

Virtual Event
1:00 - 2:30 p.m. EST

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