TECHNATION’s Ontario Election 101 and 2022 Federal Budget Reactions Webinar – Members Only  (Part 1)

With the Ontario election set for June 2, 2022, our Government Relations and Policy team will host an Ontario Election 101 webinar for all TECHNATION members. We will also review what 2022 Federal Budget released on April 7th means for Canada’s tech sector. We will be joined by Capital Hill Group for the Election 101 and by the Logic’s Murad Hemmadi in reviewing the Federal Budget.

The session will cover:

Ontario Elections 101

  • Timeline
  • Why Campaigns Matter and what to expect
  • Policy perspectives on Election 2022
  • Rules of Engagement with a Caretaker government – what one can expect in your ability to engage with the Ontario government including civil servants.
  • What a minority government would mean; a majority government – and if it is a re-elected Ford government versus a Liberal-NDP coalition.
  • Speculation / pollsters predictions

2022 Federal Budget Reactions

  • What does April 7th Budget mean for Canada’s tech sector?
  • Any new initiatives for digital government and procurement?

The Logic’s reporter Murad Hemmadi will break it down for us.

Q&A with the audience

April 13, 2022
12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m. ET
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TECHNATION Member Only event

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