Headspace: the Real Work/Life Balance. StartUp Skills Series with REACH Trauma Response Consulting. March 16, 2023, 4:00 pm EST


Join us for the StartUp Skills Series, where we invite guest speakers to discuss relevant topics for aspiring entrepreneurs. At the StartUp Skills Series on March 16, Steve Anderson and Joe Ogmundson of REACH Trauma and Consulting will be speaking about “Headspace: The Real Work/Life Balance.” Steve and Joe will discuss how we can overcome different mental barriers to entering the workforce or starting a company, and how your life story affects your work/life balance. This session will provide valuable information for entrepreneurs, students, and small business owners.

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About the Speakers

Steve Anderson

Steve sees life as an invitation and wants you to also. Recently retired from the classroom after 29 years teaching experience, he rocked the world of his high school students in his psychology program daily. He has a post graduate degree in Curriculum Development and Administration. Steve co-created and implemented a Peer Support/Human Services program in Chilliwack because he believes that building healthy relationships at both the individual and community level, promotes life-long learning and successful futures. Steve excels at leadership training and mentoring in goal setting, skill acquisition and vocational/career path planning, and facilitates training sessions and workshops to enhance development of personal standards, gifting, and talents at all levels.

Joe Ogmundson, M.Ed

Joe is a School Counselor, Career Counselor, Grief Counselor, Addictions Counsellor, and Family Counselor. He is trained in Threat Assessment (University of Lethbridge), Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Mediation, and is a Certified Online (Cyber) Counsellor (University of Toronto). Joe is a seasoned Athletics Coach, NCCP certified, and has specialized in Peer Counseling, with comprehensive knowledge and experience in the areas of Union Administration and Alternative Education. Joe was a member of the British Columbia School Counsellors’ Association (BCSCA) but is not currently certified through RCC or CCC.

Event Details

Start-Up Skills Series:
HeadSpace: The Real Work/Life Balance

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