How to Avoid Cloud Paralysis – Insights into Hybrid Solutions

NOVEMBER 10, 2022
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ET

As companies ran head-long into a “cloud-first” strategy, many today are feeling burned. They have a mix of data and apps in the public cloud, including traditional apps and everything in between. Now, even major public cloud providers agree – not everything belongs in a public cloud.  

If the C-Suite isn’t getting the expected benefits from the public cloud, what’s the solution? A hybrid cloud of public and on-prem deployments can help keep costs in check, and give an enterprise the flexibility to build-out their future cloud migrations on their terms.

Join us for a fireside chat on November 10th, to learn the difference between multicloud and hybrid cloud, as well as how to move your organization away from “cloud” paralysis to being “cloud smart”. Featuring IDC Canada’s Megha Kumar and James Scott, Field CTO at Dell Technologies, with our expert moderator, Michael Hainsworth.

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