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A New Beginning: Harnessing the Power of the Human Cloud

Remote working will no longer be viewed as an operational alternative to office spaces. It will be the driving force behind a paradigm shift in the very nature of working – one that allows organizations to fully tap into the talent cloud, effectively harness the potential of new-age technologies, and offer equitable opportunities across geography and gender, all while lowering the environmental footprint.

Panel Discussion:

Discussion will address the future of work in the tech sector in Canada as we continue to navigate the pandemic beyond the third wave:

  • Return to the office and hybrid solutions: As vaccination efforts ramp up, what plans do companies have to return to a traditional office environment? Which corporations are moving to hybrid models? What adjustments will we be making to our physical spaces and what are some of the technology solutions supporting these changes across industries?
  • Workplace culture and Employee Engagement: After more than a year of working remotely what are the impacts on corporate culture and employee well-being and workload? How are companies re-designing and re-imagining their workplaces? What specific strategies and tools are businesses implementing to create connectedness, collaboration, and productivity? How have technology and tools enabled more inclusive and accessible collaboration
  • Growth and hiring: As tech workers ponder their futures in the ‘new normal,’ what hiring opportunities are on the horizon? What are the growth areas for new jobs, and has the pandemic slowed or accelerated the Canadian tech sector?

Event Details

Future of Work Series - Re-imagining the Digital Workplace Post-Pandemic

10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. ET