Traveller Modernization using Biometrics

Friday, November 4, 2022 | 13:00 – 14:00 (EDT)

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Our border experience, reimagined: safer, faster, better.

Our world never ceases to evolve.  The COVID-19 impacts on international travel were significant, but activities are quickly rebounding.  We continue to see and forecast major increases in the number of people travelling to Canada to visit, live, work and go to school – and – thanks in large part to the convenience and self-service capabilities made possible by technology that we experience in so many aspects of our lives, travellers’ increasingly expect a seamless journey across the border.  These factors are challenging border agencies to rethink what and how they work – in profoundly human terms

Canada’s Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) Traveller Modernization initiative is delivering new solutions to transform the border experience for both travellers and officers without compromising the safety and security of Canada’s border.  CBSA wants to offer travellers a smoother and faster experience, using technology to expedite their journey, while keeping their personal information secure.

While biometrics play a key role in currently facilitating many aspects of travel, the CBSA is exploring how they can be further leveraged to enable Traveller Modernization.  Driven partly by advancing technological capabilities and partly by evolving challenges in identity management, we are seeing increased application of biometrics in other jurisdictions around the world.

Whether you are exploring the opportunities to leverage biometrics in your organization or conceptualizing how the future border implicates you, join us as our sponsor Accenture, together with senior stakeholders from Canada’s Border Services Agency, discuss the Traveller Modernization initiative and explore the approach being taken to leverage biometrics as they work to deliver the border of the future.

 Moderator: Michele Lajeunesse, SVP Government Relations and Policy, TECHNATION


  1. Christine Hamilton, Principal Director, Accenture
  2. Daniel Bachenheimer Digital Identity Innovations technical lead, Accenture
  3. Andrew Lawrence, Director General for Canada Border Services Agency.
  4. Justin Ikura, Director, Biometrics and Identity Office at Canada Border Services Agency

 Target Audience:

  • All public sector leaders across Canada and beyond…Federal & regional government jurisdictions
  • GOVERNMENT Attendees – Complimentary – REGISTRATION LINK
  • INDUSTRY Attendees – Members Complimentary / Fee for Non-Members – REGISTRATION LINK


Christine Hamilton, Principal Director, Accenture

Christine Hamilton is a Principal Director in Accenture’s Strategy and Consulting Practice.  Over the past 25 years she has worked closely with public sector organizations to envision and plan their transformation efforts; conceptualize the delivery of new programs; explore new operating models and assess and communicate their value, impact and performance.  In the face of the unrelenting pace of change, Christine is increasingly focused on helping people and organizations connect to each other and to solutions to accelerate their journeys.


Daniel Bachenheimer Digital Identity Innovations technical lead, Accenture

Daniel Bachenheimer is Accenture’s Digital Identity Innovations technical lead. For over two decades Dan has focused on Border Management and Identity Management solutions and has been involved in the delivery of several large-scale Identity systems, RFID implementations, along with Identity, Credential and Access Management solutions. Dan participates in biometrics standards (INCITS M1, ISO/IEC SC37), blockchain standards (ISO TC307), is an IEEE Certified Biometrics Professional, is a Biometrics Institute Director and Privacy Expert Group contributing member, is Co-Chair of INATBA’s Identity Working Group is the Vice Chair of IATA’s Identity Management Working Group, is an ID2020 Technical Advisory Committee contributing member, participates in ToIP, DIACC, WTTC, and Turing Institute Digital Identity working groups, and has contributed to World Economic Forum and World Bank reports related to Identity.

Andrew Lawrence,
Director General for Canada Border Services Agency.

Andrew Lawrence took on the role of Director General, Traveller Transformation in the Travellers Branch at the Canada Border Services Agency on September 3, 2019.
Currently, Andrew is responsible for the implementation of the Agency’s Traveller Modernization initiative, which seeks to modernize border processing through a suite of new business processes, as well as self-service tools and technologies.
In his previous role as acting Director General, Traveller Programs, Andrew oversaw, developed, managed, and improved integrated national traveller programing, including driving policy, managing performance and demonstrating leadership in the fields of traveller facilitation, compliance and trusted programs.
Prior to this, Andrew had served as Executive Director Traveller Transformation and Director of Air Transformation since September 2014. During this time, Andrew implemented a number of transformation initiatives including Primary Inspection Kiosks and expansion of biometric programming and information sharing.
Andrew started his career in the federal government as a student Customs Inspector in 1999. In 2003, he deployed to headquarters where he held increasingly senior positions within Trusted Programs, the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, reforms of Canada’s refugee system and Entry/Exit.


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