Cyber Taskforce Meeting

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The TECHNATION Cybersecurity Taskforce, under TECHNATION’s TECH4Canada mandate is a collaborative multi-sector council, created to identify and support critical challenges in Canada’s cybersecurity fabric (i.e., Talent readiness and availability, risks and lack of cyber-security readiness in SMEs,& Municipalities, emerging areas of threat (quantum, IOT, 5G). Informed by the priority needs of the TECHNATION membership and cyber market insights, the Taskforce will establish action-oriented priorities (common problem set) and 12-18 month action plan to help improve Canada’s Cyber Security awareness and readiness.

The Taskforce provides a venue to unify thought leadership and action-oriented working groups, sub-committees, or task force(s) to develop recommendations and possible solutions. The ultimate goal is a collaboration between industry thought leaders and Government to drive change and accelerate solution adoption.

The Cyber Taskforce meetings are restricted to members of the Taskforce only. If you are interested in joining the Cyber Taskforce & Forum, please advise Jeff Hanlan at

Event Details

June 21, 2023
2:00 to 3:30 pm

If you are interested in joining the Cyber Taskforce, please contact Jeff Hanlan at