Program Highlights

We develop educational and business programs and events.

At these events, you can actively build relationships with key industry and political leaders across Canada.

These programs focus on a wide variety of topics and areas of interest, including: our advocacy efforts with government around key areas such as procurement and data privacy; our future workforce development activities and work with employers, students and academia; responsible tech-related activities including cybersecurity and connected communities; healthcare technologies; and include business development events and opportunities for businesses ranging from start-ups, to small and medium-sized enterprises, to national and multi-national tech conglomerates.

Government & Digital Transformation

Executive Briefings/Fireside Chats – In addition to our Federal & Ontario Public Sector Business Committee meetings that draw government speakers to update members, we have regular briefings with both the Federal and Ontario government that often includes a moderated panel discussion bringing together industry with government to discuss plans and how to collaborate.

Industry, Prosperity & Growth

Recovery, Resilience and creating a BOLD New Vision Together: This series of programming is a partnership between TECHNATION and Ontario CCIO, Dafna Carr. These curated forums focus on collaboration and co-creation opportunities for government and industry.

Broader Public Sector CIO Event

Distinguished panelists discuss critical issues and opportunities facing Broader Public Sector Leaders and their agencies. This series is designed to be an open and transparent value exchange and to encourage the sharing of information between industry and government as well as to jointly identify IT challenges and solutions.

City of Toronto IT Executive Briefing

Re-imagine the City of Toronto series focused on Response, Recovery and Rebuild in terms of digital modernization and procurement transformation. City of Toronto IT leaders and their teams work with the TECHNATION CEO, staff and the Ontario Public Sector Business Committee to design and implement a series of programs and events in an open and transparent value exchange between industry and government.

Women in Leadership Series

Women in Communications & Technology (WCT) and TECHNATION work together to profile successful women leaders in technology as role models to encourage more women to strive for leadership in this sector.

Marketplace Event

Marketplace Live event will be a large-scale virtual event to help companies showcase themselves to each other and to government (b2b and b2gov). The event will host virtual vendor booths, government, and large enterprise attendees along with panels discussion/value exchange/thought leadership.


TECH4CANADA Council and Symposium
TECHNATION together with the CIO Strategy Council Advisory Committee on Responsible Technology and Connected Cities – a collaborative multi-sector council has been created, to identify critical technology challenges (prosperity, adoption, modernization, readiness) and establish action-oriented priorities (common problem set) and focus for 12-18 months.  A fall symposium will be held to discuss nation-wide barriers to technology adoption or growth and through thought leadership panels.

Municipal & SME Cybersecurity Best Practices Event – will bring together industry, government, and academic experts together with municipal leaders to collaboratively develop relevant cybersecurity best practices for municipalities across Canada. A similar advance working group and event is being developed for SME Cybersecurity Best Practices.


The Canadian Reception at HIMSS, hosted by TECHNATION and the Canadian Prairies and Ontario Chapters of HIMSS, has become the Signature social Event for Canadians and their guests that attend the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition.

Canadian Health Informatics Award (CHIA) – CHIAs are sponsored by Digital Health Canada and TECHNATION Health and are presented at the annual CHIA Awards Gala at e-Health Conference to those that demonstrate excellence, leadership, and innovation.

eHealth Breakfast – Due to COVID, the eHealth Breakfasts are being replaced with webinars. More to come!

Future Workforce Development

Future Workforce Development – As digital technology advances, Canada will need a skilled tech workforce that can support Canada’s leadership in the digital economy. As a strategic arm of TECHNATION, Future Workforce Development is responsible to assess and create opportunities to expand and enhance Canada’s tech workforce.

Event opportunities range from sponsorship/speaking opportunities with Entrepreneurship workshops with industry/students; student competitions/hackathons; AI Forum with industry/talent acquisition group and more.

For more information on events and sponsorship, please reach out to Christine Leonard, Director, Events & Program Development – In addition, we will post any member event on our website, include in our monthly event newsletter and happy to post a few tweets to support.