Ingenious Awards


1. With the partnership of the TECHNATION Ingenious Awards and the IDC and CIO Canada, can we submit a nomination to both award programs?

Yes, if your organization or leader qualifies, you are permitted to submit a nomination in both the Ingenious and CIO 50 Canada award programs.

2. Can we submit more than one nomination for the Ingenious Technology Categories?

Yes, if your organization has used more than one of the technologies identified you are welcome to submit more than one nomination. For the individual awards, you can only submit one nomination.

3. How do we submit a nomination?

When you are ready to submit, request a fillable nomination form through the online contact form. Once completed, you can email in the nomination as directed.

4. Can additional reference documents be submitted with the completed nomination form?

Yes, you can include an attachment or link but there is no guarantee the judges will review especially if too long. Please try to deliver your success through the nomination form.

5. What is the cost to submit a nomination?

It is free to submit a nomination.

6. Can we self-nominate an award?

Company awards can be both nominated by another or self-nominated. The individual awards can not be self-nominated.

7. Will the award program be hosted live or virtually?

For 2022, coming out of COVID, we have made the decision to co-host the award show virtually to ensure all of the winners and their teams are able to celebrate together.


If you have any questions, please email: