TECHNATION joins international coalition of industry associations calling for the World Trade Organization to commit to cross-border data framework

On January 26, TECHNATION signed a multi-industry statement, joining more than 75 tech and industry associations from Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceana and the Western Hemisphere, asking governments to negotiate World Trade Organization (WTO) commitments that support the, responsible, seamless and secure movement of information across borders. Other Canadian signatures include the Business Council and the Canadian Services Coalition.

Cross-border access to data is critical to enhancing living standards by supporting knowledge, technological tools, and new business opportunities across every region and in every sector – from agriculture to manufacturing and from healthcare to tourism.

This is especially important given that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many aspects of public and commercial life into a remote environment. Continued economic development, innovation, and employment depend upon cross-border access to digitally delivered services and technologies, such as using Cloud and upon the responsible movement of data across borders.

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