Oak Valley Health to Deploy Novari Surgical Wait List Management System

KINGSTON, ON – Novari Health has announced that it has executed an agreement with Oak Valley Health to immediately implement its surgical wait list management solution and expand its use of Novari’s referral management technology.

Since 2018, Oak Valley Health along with regional partner hospitals including Southlake Regional Health Centre, Mackenzie Health, North York General Hospital and Humber River Hospital have successfully leveraged the Novari eRequest referral management software to support enhanced access to care for thousands of patients referred for hip and knee replacements. Under the terms of the agreement, the use of this made in Ontario technology, will be expanded across the region to include additional orthopaedic referral types.

In addition, to assist surgeon offices and hospital administrators to manage queues for all surgical services, Oak Valley Health is implementing the Novari ATC surgical wait list management, pre-operative readiness, eBooking and provincial wait times reporting system. The system will provide all surgeons and their office staff access to a state-of-the-art electronic wait list management system and the ability to electronically coordinate the scheduling of surgeries and procedures with the hospital. The system provides hospital and clinical leadership with robust analytical capabilities to help inform the allocation of hospital resources and assist in ensuring that the right patients are scheduled at the right time.

The Ontario Ministry of Health, Ontario Health, and hospitals across the province have been working to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on patients waiting for surgery. The implementation of the Novari ATC system is financially supported by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Ontario Health as part of their efforts to reduce surgical wait times. Having a modern wait list management system is essential for improving surgical wait times and improving patient access to care. The implementation of the award winning Novari ATC system includes integration with Oak Valley Health’s Meditech electronic health record system and will digitize the surgical booking process. 

Novari Health’s innovative and unique access to care technologies are live and being implemented at hospitals and regional health authorities in Canada and Australia. The Novari access to care platform helps improve access to care, wait times, and drive efficiencies for patients accessing a wide variety of health care services including surgery, mental health & additions, diabetes, cardiac, and medical imaging, etc.

“Oak Valley Health is looking forward to partnering with Novari to implement ATC at our organization. Over the last few years the surgical system has been challenged with closures due to the pandemic. This software will allow us to address surgical backlogs, manage prioritization of cases, and provide higher quality, transparent data. Together, these improvements will provide timelier access to surgery for our patients.” 
 – Erin Landry, Patient Care Director, Surgical Services | Access & Flow | Staffing Office, Markham Souffville Hospital, Oak Valley Health

“Coming out of the pandemic, patients around the world are experiencing longer wait times for surgery. Funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Ontario Health is enabling hospitals to implement needed wait list management technologies. The surgical leadership at Oak Valley are dedicated to improving access to care for their patients and Novari is proud to support them.” – John Sinclair, CPHIMS-CA, President, Novari Health

About Novari Health

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