Canadian Health Tech Opportunity: Open review for the Provincial Provider Registry FHIR® Interoperability Guide v1.0.0 (R4)

Starting April 21 to May 21, 2021, we will be launching an open review for the Provincial Provider Registry FHIR® Interoperability Guide v1.0.0 (R4).

Provincial Provider Registry FHIR® iGuide v1.0.0 (R4).

  • Many organizations across the province provide health care services and require access to up-to-date and accurate provider information. The role of the Provincial Provider Registry (PPR) is to serve as an authoritative provincial source for the EHR of provider persons and provider organization/location information.
  • Stakeholders can provide feedback by requesting a spreadsheet, to use in conjunction with the PPR content posted on the platform.
  • Click here for access:


Introductory Webinar:

An introductory webinar will be hosted on Thursday April 29 at 11:00 am to review the material and explain the process for submitting feedback. Webinar materials and recordings will be made available on Ontario Health’s MS Teams site.

Anticipated Key Dates:

  1. April 29: Webinar
  2. April 21 to May 21: Provincial Review
  3. May 21 to June 15: Comment reconciliation period
  4. June 16: BTC Meeting to recommend for SC approval
  5. July 15: SC Meeting to approve

Contact us at:  for questions about how you can participate in this provincial review.