Mississauga, ON, Nov. 15, 2021 — TECHNATION, Canada’s national technology industry association, along with leading-edge tech leaders from across Canada, are virtually descending on Toronto this week to promote the tech sector and solutions to deliver on digitizing the Government of Ontario.  Discussion will include some of Ontario’s biggest challenges in modernizing government procurement, driving its digital transformation and readying Ontario for jobs of the future.

In October 2020, the government launched the Ontario Onwards: Action Plan which outlined four key priorities: modern and customer focused public sector; digital and data-driven decision-making, and increased efficiency, effectiveness and speed of government operations and decisions, and improving government purchasing. With these priorities in mind, the government has begun a suite of transformative projects that include procurement, digital accessibility, and policy modernization around the collection, privacy and use of data.

At the beginning of the government’s mandate, making Ontario a global leader and becoming the most digitally advanced sub-national jurisdiction, was a clear and defined priority. As Ontario faced the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the most promising solutions came from secure digital technology, which met the public’s needs with unprecedented speed and convenience. As the Ontario government moves forward, it must ensure citizens and businesses have continued access to vital government services while improving the way people connect with them.

“Ontario has made digital transformation a priority to become a global leader,” said Angela Mondou, President & CEO of TECHNATION.  “TECHNATION and our members want to ensure a more resilient and prosperous future – and we want to collaborate with the Government of Ontario to execute on an aggressive vision for digital advancements detailed in the Ontario Onwards: Action Plan. This week, we look forward to having bold discussions with provincial decision makers on how the tech sector can enable government to deliver services to Ontarians – both as citizens and business leaders, ultimately driving a more prosperous province.”

“With the Ontario Onwards: Action Plan, Ontario has shown it is committed to becoming the most digitally advanced jurisdiction globally,” added John Cousens, Managing Director, Public Sector Canada at Google. “Maximizing digital delivery of services to Ontarians will require collaboration between the technology industry and the public sector to make this ambitious goal a reality. We look forward to this week’s discussions with provincial decision makers about how to bring major digital change and modernized Ontario for the future.”

Throughout the week, TECHNATION will engage with Ministers, Members of Provincial Parliament, and top ministry officials, focusing on three areas of the tech sector and its future:

Ontario Procurement Re-Design and the Tech Sector: COVID-19 changed the way that Ontario thinks about procurement. The government streamlined complex buying processes to access urgently needed products and services to address the public health crisis. Now is an opportunity to apply that same approach to transform technology procurement.

Technology – Jobs of the Future: More readily than any other sector, technology firms are positioned to drive Ontario’s economic recovery, fuel the creation of innovative, high-quality, well-paying jobs, and position the province’s changing economy for long-term success.

Digital Government and Transformation: By leveraging the collective capabilities of Ontario’s technology sector, Ontario’s digital transformation can be a success story on the world stage.

TECHNATION looks forward to presenting its ideas and recommendations, to political leaders and ministry officials across the Government of Ontario and driving forward a spirit of collaboration and co-creation to deliver a better Ontario.

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