Canada’s technology sector is home to world-leading technologies and innovations that can provide the backbone of a modern, nimble, productive, and efficient public sector; one that is able to deliver on the evolving needs of citizens and provide programs and services that are accessible to Canadians wherever they are, under any circumstances.

Continued improvements to Canada’s Digital Government Strategies and Procurement process should include:

Leveraging Procurement as an Economic Lever – Addressing government challenges while leveraging one of its most powerful economic levers – its purchasing power – to support one of the most promising sectors of Canada’s economy.

Tackling Longstanding Procurement Challenges – COVID-19 changed the way that Canada thinks about procurement. The Government streamlined complex buying processes to access urgently needed products and services to address the public health crisis. Now is an opportunity to apply lessons learned and successful approaches to continue improving technology procurement and resist attempts to return to old ways of operating.

Challenging Canada’s Technology Sector to Provide Solutions – By continuing to shift to a challenge-based approach, the federal government can create a new normal of nimble, agile tech procurement that rapidly integrates leading-edge innovations into public service delivery, a win for government and industry.

Implement the Innovation Adoption Program proposed by TECHNATION, earmarking a significant portion of existing IT funding for ‘virtual shovel-ready projects’ through next- generation, agile procurement approaches accessible to SMEs.

Continue Leveraging a National Digital Marketplace – TECHNATION supported government during the pandemic by creating a national registry of technology businesses with solutions to help government – Canada’s Digital Marketplace. There is ample opportunity to build on this new, collaborative approach.

Enhance Agile Procurement – Agile procurement remains a relatively new concept in the federal Government, and we must continue to focus on improvements, especially in areas like skills training for procurement officials, enhancing vendor engagement processes, creating more flexibility in requirements, and reducing the overall administrative burden.

Engage and Collaborate with Industry on Major Projects – the Government has major, industrial-scale digital transformation priorities in areas like data centre consolidation, government-wide networking, cyber security, and other enterprise projects. Canada’s technology sector has the depth, expertise, and experience to collaborate effectively with government in even the most challenging project areas – from early planning and road mapping (digital roadmap), to addressing skills and talent issues, to project delivery.

Confirmed Meetings:

o Paul Glover – President of Shared Services Canada (SSC)
o Sony Perron – Executive Vice President, Shared Services Canada (SSC)
o Marc Brouillard – Chief Information Officer for Canada, Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS)

o Bill Matthews, Deputy Minister, Public Services and Procurement Canada

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