Queen’s Park Digital Health Day – March 27 & 28


Digital Health Day is an opportunity to increase Government awareness and visibility of the health tech sector as well as of TECHNATION and their members. The theme is not only of top priority for their members, but also resonate and is topical for politicians and government officials and is most likely to leave an impression and influence their thinking. 

Theme: Ontario’s Digital First Health Strategy: Data Sharing and Interoperability…continuing the dialogue

Key Messages

To acknowledge the recent announcement around National Data Sharing and Interoperability, Ontario’s Digital First Health Strategy and to highlight the need to complete the digitization of the healthcare

TECHNATION’s important key messaging points are:

  • Interoperability is a patient safety issue
  • hidden costs of not digitizing
  • further support for virtual care access
  • Better tools/information to support LTC
  • Integration of information and across the full spectrum of care (i.e., primary, acute, community)
  • Support for true population health management analytics and care planning

TECHNATION supporting published papers and articles for messaging:

For more information or to register, please contact Charlotte Macaulay cmacaulay@technationcanada.ca


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