Small & Medium-Sized Business and Scale-Ups

Canada has work to do to drive the aggressive growth of our tech scale-ups and SMEs.

In collaboration with industry partners and governments of all levels, we are working to address the many issues and barriers impacting Canada’s tech growth, with an action-oriented focus on enabling our scale-ups and on driving a responsible technology environment. The goal is to drive the creation of intellectual capital to advance digital innovation through the identification and delivery of collaborative standards projects, use cases, pilots, and proofs of concepts.

Leveraging Tech SMEs around COVID-19

One critical problem we hope to solve together, with government, is how to keep the tech SMEs engaged economically through this crisis. We can assist government in accessing regional data and insights; and source or co-create technology-driven solutions to aid in this crisis while supporting business before they are forced to close their doors. Allowing these innovative technology companies to fail would set our national Innovation Agenda back for decades. As the representatives of the many technology hubs and communities across the country, we are willing to work together to help the government in this critical time of need.

To create an opportunity to connect the many smaller tech scale-ups / SMEs to current and/or future government requirements as the crisis unfolds quickly – we have developed a minimum viable supply chain tool (MVP) that any organization or partner across Canada can leverage. The CANADA’S DIGITAL MARKETPLACE powered by TECHNATION, is a one-stop shop dashboard and database where technology companies from across Canada can list essential information about the technology solutions and services they manage that can be used by both the public and private sectors throughout the public health crisis and beyond.

SME Procurement Advocacy

At TECHNATION, we are committed to making the procurement process more transparent, simple, and easier to participate in. This can be accomplished through modernized procurement approaches that are agile, streamlined, and more accessible to SMEs. The win-win end-result is the alignment of economic opportunities that federal purchasing power represents with urgent needs of government for digital solutions to execute virtual shovel ready projects delivered by technology SMEs across Canada.