CareerFinder Cybersecurity Job Descriptions

This interactive online tool will provide you the most sought-after Cybersecurity jobs in Canada in a common job description layout.

With a growing cybersecurity threat landscape, new and innovative career opportunities in cybersecurity are constantly arising. All industries – from healthcare to manufacturing, to government, to finance and retail – are looking to hire cybersecurity professionals; and the demand is increasing. And, while there are number of cybersecurity jobs available across Canada for anyone entering the cybersecurity employment market, whether a recent graduate starting their first professional job, or a certified professional seeking to change career roles, it has been – until recently – difficult to know where to find a broad list.

The TECHNATION Cybersecurity Job Description tool provides a comprehensive overview of the most sought-after cybersecurity jobs in Canada in an easy-to-use, interactive and intuitive format. Key skills for each role with common duties, tasks and experience levels are included. Examples of roles include: Chief Information Security Officers; Forensic Computer Analysts; Information Security Analysts; IT Security Engineer; Security Systems Administrator…and more!

For students or job seekers – use this tool to understand what employers are looking for in these core cybersecurity jobs.

Employers looking for a cybersecurity employee can use this tool to view resource job descriptions. Download and personalize for your organization and post directly to your favourite job posting site to get qualified candidates to choose from.

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