Accessibility in Technology. StartUp Skills Series with Laurie Allen, Sr Accessibiility Technology Evangelist, Microsoft. March 16, 2023, 11:00 am EST


Join us for the StartUp Skills Series, where we invite guest speakers to discuss relevant topics for aspiring entrepreneurs.

At the StartUp Skills Series on March 16, Laurie Allen, Senior Accessibility Technology Evangelist at Microsoft, will be speaking about Accessibility in Technology.

Making technology accessible is important because it ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, has equal access to information, services, and employment opportunities. Startups and entrepreneurs need to consider accessibility when developing products and services because it can have a significant impact on their success. By designing accessible products and technologies, a broader customer base can be reached, including people with disabilities who may otherwise be excluded from their offerings. This session will provide valuable information for entrepreneurs, students, and small business owners.

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About the Speaker

Laurie Allen

Laurie Allen has worked in the technology space for 20+ years in roles including consulting, global alliance management, product management, leading development teams and driving customer success.

8 years ago, Laurie became a quadriplegic as a result of a spinal cord injury. Since that time, she has immersed herself in utilizing and promoting assistive technology. She now leverages her tech background and her perspective as a person with a disability to promote assistive technologies, champion accessible solutions and advocate for disability inclusion in her role as an Accessibility Technology Evangelist at Microsoft.

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Start-Up Skills Series:
Accessibility in Technology

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