June 14, 2022: Business Opportunities in Bangladesh’s ICT Sector – Webinar

The Ontario government, in association with the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, is organizing a webinar about the ICT industry in Bangladesh and the opportunities for Ontario technology companies to participate in this “frontier” market. With low levels of IT adoption by households and firms, there exists a large untapped pool of potential first-time technology buyers and a youthful population. Bangladesh has about 117 million Internet subscribers; only 9.8 million people use broadband connections, while the rest are mobile users. The ICT sector is estimated to be worth $1.1 billion and expected to grow to $4.8 billion by 2025. Bangladesh offers opportunities for companies with a background in ICT infrastructure and equipment; telecommunications towers and related infrastructure; data centers and associated equipment and services; mobile applications; data and content development; online healthcare and government services solutions; and e-commerce applications and technologies. The program will be of interest to Ontario companies keen to learn about the ICT landscape and key players in Bangladesh; in-demand technologies and expertise; market-penetration strategies for Bangladesh; and government policies and programs shaping the industry. Register Now

Please contact Ms. Fawzia Sheikh for any questions. Thank you.

Ms. Fawzia Sheikh, CITP
Area Director – India
Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation, and Trade
Export Growth Branch
777 Bay Street, 21st Floor
Toronto, Ontario | Canada M5B 2H7
C. 647-262-2593